Where Does Steph Curry Live?

Fans of basketball have raised questions like “Where does Steph Curry live?” regarding the player.

Steph’s amazing gameplay has really drawn curious eyes toward him.

He has become the talk of the industry, and many questions regarding his personal life have been raised. So where does this basketball champion live?

Steph Curry lives in his three-story mansion in Atherton, California, which is worth approximately $31 million.

This property and his $2.1 million vacation home constitute the basketball star estate portfolio.

His building rests on a 1.2-acre site in a gated, exclusive neighborhood.

The vacation home in Winter Park, Florida, rests on a 0.3-acre lot with beautiful features.

It’s no doubt that Steph has accumulated a good amount of wealth from his career. Read on to learn more about the properties he has gathered with this wealth.

Where Does Steph Curry Live?

Wardell Stephen Curry II is popularly known as “Steph Curry”. He is a professional basketball player with the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

Stephen has achieved a good level of recognition, like eight NBA All-Star appearances.

He is among the highest-paid NBA players thanks to his annual salary and endorsement deals with different companies.

As of writing this, Stephen Curry has a net worth of approximately $170 million.

Currently, Steph and Ayesha Curry are parents to three young children. Together, they own the following properties:

Atherton Mansion, California

The Atherton, California property, which cost the Curry $31 million, was acquired in June 2019.

That year, this purchase became the most expensive property acquisition in Atherton and the Bay Area.

The home, which Steph bought off the MLS, is a three-story structure on a 1.2-acre site in a gated, exclusive neighborhood.

Vacation Home In Florida

The NBA star and his businesswoman wife, Ayesha, have expanded their real estate holdings by purchasing a holiday home.

In Winter Park, Florida, they purchased a home for $2.1 million that had been advertised for $400,000 less.

On its 0.3-acre lot, the brand-new 4-bedroom, 4.2-bathroom home was constructed in 2015.


Steph Curry is undoubtedly living the life he had worked hard for. This is clearly seen in the luxurious properties he has accumulated in his portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Does Steph Curry Have A Property In Malibu?

Yes, Steph acquired a property in Malibu worth $50 million.

This building is also recorded in his estate portfolio but is not recognized as the other two he frequents.

2.) What Are Some Exterior Features Of Steph Curry’s Building?

This San Francisco Bay Area house is hidden from public view by thick vegetation throughout all its perimeters.

In addition to the main house and three-car garage, there is a little guest house tucked away in the woods. There is also a beautiful pool deck with a poolside cabana.

3.) What Are Some Exterior Features Of Steph’s Vacation House?

The vacation home contains a main home, a connected garage, and a large covered brick patio with an outdoor shower.

There are also two parking spaces on the property. The well-kept, grassy grounds are surrounded by a verdant garden enclosed by a PVC fence.

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