Where Does George Strait Live?

It’s no new fact that many fans wonder, “Where does George Strait live?”.

When discussing country music, it’s impossible to skip this great artiste.

George Strait is a legendary figure in this genre, presently called “the King of Country.”

Let’s take a closer look at where this country star lives and what should you know about his properties?

George Strait lives on his ranch in San Antonio, Texas, where he has a large mansion with a ranch.

However, George plans to move out of the building as he has already listed it for sale.

But he won’t be leaving Texas. He will be moving to his mansion in Boerne, Texas. This mansion is graced with high-quality, contemporary conveniences.

With so much wealth accumulated, what would the quality of George Strait’s properties be like? Read on to learn more about the residence of this star musician.

Where Does George Strait Live?

Strait is one of the best-known and most successful artists of all time, with record sales of over 100 million copies.

He has more number-one albums, singles, gold albums, platinum albums, and multi-platinum albums than anybody else in country music history.

As an added bonus, he has the longest active streak of any artist, of any genre, with songs in the top ten. Most of his tracks peaked at the top spot, and he has five of the top ten songs ever recorded. 

George Strait is the “King of Country” because he has had one of the most successful careers in country music. Here is a breakdown of the homes he’s acquired during his career:

Boerne, Texas

George Strait is building a ranch in his native Texas to spend more time doing what he loves.

He wishes to ideally return to roping cattle and riding horses. The resort’s new Clubhouse is the culmination of Dallas’s Nunzio Marc DeSantis Architects’ efforts.

Its Hill Country roots will be reflected in the 47K-square-foot building’s modern western furniture and design.

Also, it features high-quality, contemporary conveniences. These contribute much to the long-lasting impressions that guests of Tapatio Springs have grown to anticipate.

San Antonio, Texas

The construction of this adobe palace lasted two years and covered a total area of 12.2 acres of hilltop land.

It was planned by the famous architect Bill Tull. With a solid timber framework and lots of gorgeous exposed wood, it is a model of modern rustic style.

The 7,925-square-foot estate features a magnificent pool, 14 individually crafted fireplaces, and breathtaking vistas from each room.

The “King of Country” has listed his home near San Antonio, suggesting a possible relocation.


As the saying goes in Texas, “everything is larger,” including George Strait’s massive property.

George Strait’s outstanding real estate portfolio embodies the Texan ranching lifestyle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Would George Strait Move Out Of Texas?

No, George Strait may have built his San Antonio house, but he doesn’t plan to leave the city.

On the contrary, he’ll be moving to his other apartment in Texas, where he can live the country life.

2.) Where Did George Strait Live In During His Childhood Days?

George Harvey Strait was raised on a ranch near Pearsall after spending his early years on a farm in Poteet.

He was born on May 18, 1952. Since then, George Strait has been to several locations, purchasing real estate in several of the towns he has visited.

3.) What Are Some Beautiful Qualities Of George Strait’s Mansion?

George Strait’s mansion is a contemporary take on the rural style. It features exposed wood beams and fourteen hand-sculpted wooden fireplaces by architect Bill Tull.

As an added bonus, the property features several indoor and outdoor event venues that can accommodate a wide variety of occasions.

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