Where Does Johnny Depp Live?

Where does Johnny Depp live? That’s an excellent question, and his fans are eager to learn the answer.

The American actor is well known for his outstanding performances, and many people may recognize him as Captain Jack Sparrow.

He is an actor who enjoys experimenting with his work and his appearance. This prompts the media to ask where he lives and how many properties he owns.

Johnny Depp’s primary residence is his estate in Hollywood Hills, which he purchased for $1.8 million.

He bought the four mansions next door and put them together to make the five-house estate.

The entire property takes up about 7,430 square feet. The actor paid a massive $19 million for each of the mansions in the complex and made them look gothic.

Johnny Depp is unquestionably a person to talk about. Read on to the end to learn more about this talented actor and his present place of residence.

Where Does Johnny Depp Live?

John Christopher Depp II is probably best known for his many prominent acting roles which have won him many awards.

But he’s also a musician and producer behind the scenes. Although he is best known as an actor, Johnny Deep also possesses exceptional vocal and guitar skills.

His career took off in 1987 when he starred in the television series “21 Jump Street”, in which Depp played the lead role.

Depp is perhaps best known for portraying the beloved Jack Sparrow character in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie franchise.

This got him his first of three nominations for an Academy Award and a lot of work with film directors.

In terms of properties, Johnny Depp owns a few around the world. Here are some of the properties Johnny owns:

Kentucky Ranch

This ranch occupies a total of 41 acres of land and reportedly has three barns, 15 stalls, and 10 water paddocks.

The property also comprises a guest house and a manager’s quarters.

On the other hand, the main house has a dining room, bar, and a large entertainment hall often used for family gatherings.

The home has a pool, a separate entertainment area, and a garage that can fit four cars at once

Penthouses In LA

Johnny Depp’s home in Los Angeles is made up of five penthouses in an art deco-style building called the Eastern Columbia Lofts.

Each penthouse is equipped with a swimming pool and a beautiful space on the roof.

Combined, these penthouses comprise nine bedrooms and fourteen bathrooms within 11,500 square feet of real estate. 

When purchasing the penthouses between 2002 and 2008, Depp’s total investment was estimated to be $7.2 million.

However, it’s reported that their total value is $12.78 million.

While it’s said Depp considered combining the penthouses to form one mega penthouse, they have remained five separate units.

According to Forbes, Depp has listed these sought-after penthouse apartments for sale, and has sold two since doing so.

Johnny Depp’s Island

Reports indicate that Depp purchased this island for approximately $3.6 million in 2004.

When in the throes of making Pirates of the Caribbean, he uncovered this paradise.

Every view from this island’s 360-degree panorama of the sapphire Caribbean and azure sky is breathtaking. 

They also include luxurious solar-powered accommodations, which are additional attractive features.

All six beaches on the island bear his children’s names. Even his wedding was held on the island, as were numerous gatherings with close friends and family.

Johnny Depp’s House in France 

Most houses comprise a few bedrooms, some living rooms, and an entertainment space or two contained in a single structure.

A home, according to Johnny Depp, is an entire village. Johnny Depp lives in a village in France, not a ranch or a mansion.

The village is situated in Plan de La Tour which is in the Southeast of France. Depp purchased this property in 2016.

It is unknown how much he paid for this village, but he spent around $10 million restoring it to its 18th-century appearance.


Johnny Depp makes the most of his money and has invested a great deal of money into real estate.

His movie career also blossoms while he accumulates properties in different locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Where Does Johnny Depp Live Now Among The Many Properties He Has?

Johnny Depp currently resides in the Hollywood Hills estate, which consists of five mansions.

He acquired his initial home there in 1995. But Depp has gone on to purchase the neighboring houses creating a massive private plot.

2.) Does Johnny Depp Own A Private Island?

He did. Johnny Depp used to own a small secluded island in the Bahamas. In 2017, he sold it for a crazy $75 million.

While filming Pirates of the Caribbean in 2004, Johnny Depp fell in love with the private island and purchased it.

3.) How Many Mansions Does Johnny Deep Have?

He owns 14 properties in his real estate portfolio, which total more than $75 million in price. All of this he accumulated over time. He visits some of these properties when he needs a break from his hectic schedule.

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