Where Does Tucker Carlson Live?

The question, “Where does Tucker Carlson live?” has been a trending topic among fans and other people that follow Fox News.

Indeed, the American TV host and conservative political commentator has made many headlines and garnered quite a following.

With a net worth of over $40 million, it’s time we all find out where Tucker Carlson lives. 

The American television host Tucker Carlson resides on Gasparilla Island in Florida.

Before relocating to Florida in 2020, Carlson lived in Washington, D.C. He sold his D.C. home in 2020.

Tucker Carlson previously owned two houses that he listed for sale. He is thought to have other properties, including a yacht and other expensive items.

Are you curious about this American television host’s life? Continue reading to find out where Tucker Carlson lives.

Where Does Tucker Carlson Live?

Tucker Carlson, born Tucker McNear Carlson, is a television host, journalist, and author.

Tucker is well known for his success in bringing far-right ideas and vocabulary into the mainstream of American politics.

Tucker Carlson owns the following properties:

Gasparilla Island Home 

Tucker Carlson, a political analyst and host on Fox News, bought a beautiful home on Florida’s Gasparilla Island.

According to a report from Dirt, the $2.9 million house in the exclusive and private neighborhood is about 3,000 square feet.

There are three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms in the large main house, and an additional guest house adds another bedroom and bathroom to the total square footage.

This came shortly after he sold an undisclosed amount of stock in the conservative commentary website, The Daily Caller.

DC, Washington Home

Tucker Carlson lived in Washington, D.C., before moving to sunny Florida.

But in 2020, the Fox News host paid $3.95 million to sell his house in the wealthy Kent neighborhood.

Tucker Carlson and his wife, Susan Carlson, initially bought the house for $3.895 million in 2017, so he didn’t make much money on the sale.

Profit, though, might not have been the main driving force behind the relocation since Tucker Carlson had some protesters outside his house before the move.

DC, Washington (Tucker’s Former Home)

At 4,784 square feet, his former residence has seven bedrooms and five bathrooms.

The colonial-style home has a modernized kitchen that connects to a roomy den.

The living room, dining room, and family room on the two levels of the house are all sun-bathed and filled with entertainment.

This house has bedrooms with full bathrooms on the upper level. The home’s beautifully landscaped exterior also includes a garage and a driveway for parking.


The American TV host spends his free time with his family on Gasparilla Island, where he enjoys the wealth he has built up.

Tucker also has other properties and businesses flourishing around the state.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What Are Some Interesting Features Of Tucker Carlson’s Present Home?

The house is adorned with some of the most contemporary design features.

These include a large outdoor living and entertainment area and a modern swimming pool.

It’s only a few meters from the Atlantic Ocean. He is thought to have paid $2.9 million for this home in 2020.

2.) How Many Houses Does Tucker Carlson Own?

Tucker Carlson previously owned two homes. Additionally, he is thought to be the owner of at least 13 real estate properties and six luxury yachts.

All this is thanks to his extensive network, worth around $40 million, plus an inheritance worth $90 million.

3.) Why Did Carlson Relocate From His D.c. Home?

Carlson and his family left their home in Washington because of threats from the activist group Antifa. His address had been public then, and activists kept sending him threats.

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