Where Does Peyton Manning Live?

If you are a fan of the Super Bowl or the NFL, I’m sure you are wondering, “Where does Peyton Manning live?”.

He made history as the first quarterback to lead two teams to victory in the Super Bowl.

He is an expert at maneuvering on the field and is often considered one of the most prolific quarterbacks of all time.

The NFL player owns a home in Cherry Hills village, designed and built in the Georgian architectural style.

This mansion is 16,464 square feet and sits on 3.4 acres. He currently lives in this mansion with seven bedrooms, ten bathrooms, and other unique living spaces.

Manning purchased this building back in 2012 for a staggering fee of $4.575 million. 

There is more information on Manning’s Georgian home you’ll undoubtedly want to explore. Ensure you read to the end so you don’t miss any vital information.

Where Does Peyton Manning Live?

Manning is a well-known figure in the Denver community, and he is frequently seen out and about.

He has endeared himself to Denver’s people and grown to be an essential part of the city and its community.

He can often be seen participating in charity events, speaking at local schools, or simply going about his daily life. 

In 2001, Peyton Manning tied the knot with his sweetheart from college, Ashley Thompson.

The couple is the proud parents of a set of adorable twins. Marshall Williams and Mosley Thompson.

Peyton Manning owns the property below:

A Georgian-Style Home

This house has many interesting features aside from the seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms.

These include a fully stocked underground wine cellar and theatre-style viewing room.

There’s also a panic room for safety and an elevator to navigate the levels of the house.

Many of Manning’s guest are also privy to a game or two in the billiards room.

The flooring in this two-story home is custom inlaid black walnut.

The informal living room or family room is situated closer to the heart of the house.

The room has a lovely fireplace and a piano to add character. Peyton and his wife keep the traditional, contemporary style of their home.


Peyton Manning is an iconic Denver figure who lives in a beautiful mansion in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado.

Through his philanthropic work, he continues to give back to the local community.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) How Beautiful Is Payton Manning’s Mansion?

Being the only recognized property of the star, the mansion is just as beautiful as it is treasured.

The mansion is well-styled and decorated to the taste of Manning and his wife.

There are traditional features with modern touches all around it, maintained by the couple.

2.) What Are Some Added Features Of Payton Manning’s Mansion?

The mansion features a luxurious master bathroom with a large shower, a heated floor, a mini-fridge, and a bar sink.

The Manning’s have a lovely traditional study and two other offices for when they need to get some work done. The elevator also serves all three floors of the house.

3.) How Much Is Payton Manning’s Mansion Worth?

At the moment, the value of the house is somewhere around $6,010,963.

Being one of the most valued players in history, one can tell how Manning had come about the money to afford such. 

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