Adam Lambert Says ‘Trespassing’ Release Delayed For Good Reason

Adam Lambert fans just got a little bit of bad news. His new album’s release date has been pushed back. But there’s also good news that comes with the delay, he says.

Although Adam Lambert fans might be a little disappointed to hear that his sophomore major label release, Trespassing, is going to be delayed a few weeks, he was quick to follow that announcement with subsequent good news — and the reason why the label decided to delay the album.

In an interview with New York radio station Z100, he said that the album was going to be little bigger because they wanted to add more songs.

“I know it’s hard, but it’s not finished,” Lambert consoled. “It needs to be finished. There are new songs we are doing last minute that are really good. Dr. Luke songs, so they are really good and very radio. It’s all for the best, even though it’s a tough thing to ask to wait. I want the album to be amaze-balls.”

Dr. Luke, to whom Lambert refers, co-produced the video for his latest single, “Better Than I Know Myself.”

So when is the new “amaze-balls” edition of Trespassing going to be released? Well, that’s not as yet determined.

“Mapril,” Lambert said during the interview. But does that mean March or April? Since the album was originally slated for release on March 20, that would give the producers 11 days to get things together for a March release.

But since albums are generally released on Tuesdays each week, that actually gives them a week. And given that delays usually involve multiple weeks instead of one, the album will most likely see an April release, the earliest being April 3.

Of course, if Glambert was trying to be clever, he might have meant May-April (a little time-flipping, but creative minds will do these things), which gives the label several more weeks to get the album ready for release.

Also in the mix, Lambert says, will be a song written by Bruno Mars, whose last album Doo-Wop and Hooligans was nominated for the 2012 Grammy for Album of the Year.

Other collaborators on the new album include rapper/producer Pharrell Williams, legendary producer/songwriter Nile Rodgers, and Katy Perry.

Fans of Adam Lambert have been waiting for a new album from the “American Idol” Season 8 runner-up for over two years. His first major label release, For Your Entertainment, has sold over 833,000 copies to date. It debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 album chart and produced three Hot 100 hits, including the Grammy nominated “Whataya Want From Me?”

“Better Than I Know Myself,” which was released in December, is the first song off of Trespassing and has also entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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