American Hoggers, Jerry And Wife Kathie Gross-out The Kids

In the latest American Hoggers episode, Jerry Campbell and his family wrapped up their business in Louisiana, but not before Krystal and Robert witnessed something no kid wants to see.

The Campbell family of hog hunters finally got to head on back to their home in Texas on A&E’s American Hoggers episode “Family Matters”.

It was after completion of the most difficult and important assignment during their time in Louisiana,

Children were endangered by wild hogs and the Campbell family matriarch Kathie joined Jerry and the kids on the hunt. Was it a good thing? Jerry believed it was in more ways than one.

Kathie Campbell had been the voice her husband listened to in last week’s episode when local help was needed to catch hogs in swamps.

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The method used for decades by Jerry and now his two kids Krystal, 23 and Robert, 26 is to use an old Jeep, people on horseback and good old hound dogs to chase feral hogs on the wide open plains of Texas.

In Louisiana’s marshland the Jeep got stuck in mud and the hogs were able to outwit the dogs as they went further into the land that was overgrown with plants, trees and bushes.

A local dog named Biggin’ was brought along to save the bacon so to speak, of the Campbell family who was about to give up on a lucrative assignment for a rancher.

With the new job of protecting a landowner’s grandchildren from hogs, Jerry wanted Kathie alongside him.

“I reckon maybe she’s the missing ingredient we need to get this job done,” Jerry remarked.

Mrs. Campbell has been asking her husband for a “real” date in vain and she decided that if she came along for the ride, at least she’d be part of the family’s business venture and be with her hubby.

As employee Lea Penick said to the A&E cameras, “Kathie sure don’t look happy to be here, but we’re suddenly catching hogs.” Kathie was a good luck charm for sure.

After the Campbells caught the biggest hog causing the trouble, the family rejoiced with a little horseplay between Mama and Papa.

Kathie tickled her husband and they began to fall to the ground. Rolling in the muddy land the couple looked close to getting it on as they laughed and played.

Son Robert expressed his feelings this way, “There’s just some things a man doesn’t need to see….and that’s one of them.” Daughter Krystal had to look away from the scene as she called it “disgusting”.

The family camaraderie was a blessing after weeks of bickering between the kids over who should run the business. 

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To top off the Louisiana trip, Jerry finally got the local hog sausage expert to part with the secrets to his recipe.

Mmmm…hog sausage on the way back to Texas. Life just doesn’t get any better for the Campbells.

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