Cruise Ship Evacuates 1167 Passengers off the Greek Island Santorini

Louis Hellenic Cruises, confirm that m/v Sea Diamond flying the Greek flag, while maneuvering to moor at the anchorage of Santorini today at 4 p.m. scraped its side on a reef. The vessel has taken a list due to the penetration of water, but has now been stabilized.

Evacuation of the 1167 passengers and 391 crew members onboard was considered prudent for safety reasons. The situation is under control. The company’s internal emergency procedures have already been activated.

All passengers have been safely disembarked. There are no casualties. All the crew is safe.

M/V Perla, under the management of Louis Hellenic Cruises, is on its way for the passengers to embark. The company’s technical team is on its way to m/v Sea Diamond to evaluate the situation.

All the competent Greek authorities have promptly and professionally responded to assist the company and have greatly contributed to the success of this operation. Louis Cruise Lines

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