JK Wedding Entrance Dance Becomes YouTube Sensation

A couple, Jill and Kevin Heinz (hence JK), who decided, mostly due to the wishes of the bride, to dance not at the wedding reception, but into the wedding ceremony, has had the YouTube video version go viral. The couple and wedding party boogied their way down the aisle on their wedding day.

The JK Wedding Entrance Dance video, as it’s become known, is so popular, it’s had 1.7 million views already. Jill and Kevin Heinz have also appeared on The Today Show and Good Morning, America, as a result of dancing down the aisle.

Jill Heinz told GMA how the JK Wedding Entrance dance video idea came about, saying: “I grew up dancing and I danced in college. It was something I always wanted to do. I wanted to dance in on the wedding. And Kevin jumped in on board.”

Besides Jill and Kevin Heinz, the entire wedding party was encouraged to dance down the aisle, all in their own style. One groomsman even walked down the aisle on his hands.

Aside from the wedding party, no one else knew of the arrangement. The audience can be seen laughing it up and smiling, however, so they obviously appreciated the JK Wedding entrance dance.

Let’s hope that Jill and Kevin Heinz’ dance however, doesn’t become a trend. That would, in fact, remove the spontaneity and and cleverness, if everyone started copying it.

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