John Travolta Lined Up For Role Of John Gotti In Indie Film

John Travolta is set to play the role of mobster John Gotti Sr. in the upcoming indie film, “Gotti: Three Generations.”

Handsome actor John Travolta is a natural choice to play infamous mob boss, John Gotti, also known as “Dapper Don,” “Teflon Don,” and Johnny Boy.

Fiore Films has not yet officially confirmed the “Saturday Night Fever” actor will take the role. Entertainment Weekly reports Travolta will meet with Gotti’s son, John A. Gotti, and director Nick Cassavetes on April 12 New York.

The meeting place seems natural. John Gotti ruled the streets of New York during his heyday and also brings Travolta back to his East Coast roots. Travolta was born and raised in Englewood, New Jersey. The trio will meet to discuss the project at a press conference at the Sheraton New York Hotel.

The movie, “Gotti: Three Generations” is a biography about the famous crime family and the father-son relationship between John Sr. and John Jr. John Gotti Sr. was the head of the Gambino crime family and died in prison in 2002.

After his father’s death, John Gotti Jr. took over the family business. He also served time in prison but then was able to escape conviction in four racketeering trials.
The Hollywood Reporter indicated the screenplay for “Gotti: Three Generations” was written by Leo Rossi and will be directed by Nick Cassavetes.

The producer is Marc Fiore for Fiore Films. Famous former comic Marty Ingels turned into a talent broker and will work as the executive producer on this project.

John Travolta has appeared in diverse films ranging from “Grease” to “Pulp Fiction.” His most recent movie appearance was in the action thriller, “From Paris With Love.” Travolta is also known for his early television role as Vinny Barbarino in “Welcome Back, Kotter.”

John Gotti Jr. and John Travolta both share family tragedy. While Gotti Jr. lost his father to throat cancer in 2002, Travolta lost his son Jett in 2009 when he died after suffering seizures.

Travolta seems like the ideal choice for the role of John Gotti Sr. For a preview of what might happen, consider this John Gotti quote from Think Exist, “If they’re gonna get you, they wanna get you, …

And they use Machiavellian technique. The ends justify the means. That’s what this low-life country is all about, John. That’s the reason they have me in Marion, John.”

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