Streetball Legend Troy ‘Escalade’ Jackson, Dies Attending NBA All-Star Game Weekend

Troy “Escalade” Jackson, the younger brother of ESPN analyst and former NBA player Mark Jackson, died in his sleep in Los Angeles Sunday morning, at the age of 35.

Troy “Escalade” Jackson had been in Los Angeles for the 2011 NBA All-Star Game Weekend. Never an NBA player himself, “Escalade” was his nickname on the AND1 Mixtape Tour, a reference to the Cadillac vehicle. That tour is a traveling basketball competition and exhibition sponsored by the basketball apparel manufacturer AND1.

According to AND1’s records, Jackson was 6’10, 375 pounds. Troy Jackson was always hefty. He weighed close to 500 pounds as a senior at Hill East High School in Long Island, New York, but even played at Wallace Community College in Selma, Alabama, still at the same 500 pounds.

Jackson’s gameplay in community college resulted in a scholarship offer from the University of Louisville, but Denny Crum’s Louisville team required that Jackson lose weight. He did, eventually slimming down to 363 pounds by the time he was a Louisville senior.

The cause of Jackson’s death is unknown. However, an autopsy is planned.

Mark Jackson told the New York Post the following:

“He traveled all around the world and touched so many lives. He will be greatly missed. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. God is still good.”

Twitter flared with condolence messages as news of Troy “Escalade” Jackson’s death spread. Shaquille O’Neal Tweeted:

“My heart goes out to Mark Jackson and his family who lost his brother last night, Escalade. We lost a great person love u escalade. I’m sad.”

Mark Jackson, Jr., the elder Jackson’s son and a walk-on player with the Louisville Cardinals, said the following on his Twitter account.

“We lost a great man of God, my Uncle. It consoles my heart to know he’s in a better place WE WILL ALL MISS YOU!”

You can watch a little bit of Jackson’s play below, in a video.

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