Michael Signator Is The Bodyman of Barack Obama

Not much is known about the man named Michael Signator and not much has been written about him.

However, Michael Signator is the closest bodyman to Barack Obama who has more than equal chance to be the next US President.

According to Politico Michael Signator is the star of bulletins chronicling Barack Obama’s movements, one of only a few nonrelatives to consistently get time with Obama and a trusted confidant who has shared some of the most pivotal moments of Obama’s career with him.

The name of Michael Signator is now the top searched name in Google.

One blogger was begging for more information about him. So we started to search the net and particularly the website of Barack Obama to see if it may be possible to find any information about Michael Signator.

Here is one comment on Barackobama.com where we found the name Signator.

3:50pm Obama leaves his house and heads to the gym. He works out for over an hour at the apartment building of his former bodyman (Mike Signator).

Obama walked into the back of the building wearing black sweat pants, a gray tee-shirt and a black baseball cap.

“Barack and Michelle Obama regularly confer with Mike, as do senior campaign officials.

Sen. Obama has met with Signator both at the Obamas’ home and at Mike’s,” LaBolt said in a statement.

Though Michael Signator owns a home in suburban DuPage County — about an hour west of the Obamas’ Chicago home — he also rents an apartment on the 16th floor of a high-rise called Regents Park, located just a few blocks from Obama’s house in the leafy Kenwood neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side.

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