Real Estate Drone Photography: Expectation vs Reality

What To Know About Real Estate Drone Photography

Real estate photography is getting popular day by day, especially between those who want to make money via photography. The real estate market is a business in which demand will never fall to a point there is no action.

There are always going to be those who will be buying and selling a home. People engaged in the real estate business understand how difficult it is to convince people and sell houses.

Now, in this digital world, people can find anything from anywhere through online platforms. With this digital world, it even becomes more challenging for real estate marketers to make a good impression on their buyers with real estate photography only.

With the advancements of technology, buyers prefer first to search for property online. If they get satisfied with the pictures on the property, then they will visit it physically. However, real estate photographers can capture the property from the inside out with a unique perspective. Thanks to real estate drone photography that has shaped and benefited the real estate marketers.

Before the drones were available, the aerial images were captured by hiring a helicopter. However, it was a costly method and was not used by many real estate marketers. Not only this, but to get the best aerial shots of the property and its surroundings, you have to spend money on a good quality camera to get high-quality images.

But now that drones have become affordable, customized, and portable, drone photos are readily used as a tool by the real estate agents. As the internet is considered a top tool for selling homes, drones are also now one of them too.

With the real estate industry booming during the pandemic, drone photography has become another avenue in a real estate agent’s marketing toolbox. The technology has made the sales of the property and land much easier.

The question of whether to use drone photography has become far more straightforward to answer. Anything done to get your home sold quicker is an excellent thing if it can be worked effectively into the marketing budget.

Benefits Of Using Drones In Real Estate Marketing

It Creates Compelling Images

The prominent advantage of using a drone is that it creates an interest in viewers when they see the aerial shots. Drones make it easier to produce impressive pictures using the integrated features, making the photos more professional and attractive to buyers.

Highlight Features

Another advantage of using drones is that you can highlight specific features of the property. You can take aerial shots of the backyard, walking paths, pool, and other minute features that can be important for buyers and may need multiple photos from different angles to cover.

It Helps You To Stand Out

Where real estate drone photography is getting popular, some are still using ground-based photography. Drone photography makes you stand out from other competitors with your more informative and attractive shots in such a situation.

Attracting Clients

In today’s competitive world, it is essential to develop innovative ways to attract more clients and customers towards your business. When you are in a real estate business, you can have the advantage of producing impressive aerial images and represent effectively. With the use of drones, there is a possibility that you impress more clients towards real estate.

Saves Money

This might confuse a bit how drone photography saves your money? Earlier were the days when real estate agents had to bag high standard properties to get high-quality photographs with helicopters’ help. Even small property owners can now afford to take drone shots to sell their property quickly.

Limitations Of Real Estate Drone Photography

Drone photography cannot capture steady shots that require special lenses.
It cannot capture the interior photos of small things.
If trees or other buildings surround the home, then aerial photography becomes quite challenging.
With drone photography, one cannot take the ground-level shots of the whole property.

How To Select The Best Drone For Real Estate Photography?

Before purchasing a camera drone, certain things need to be considered to get the best drone from various drone options.

The Camera Quality

The beauty of a shot depends on what you are clicking and through which you are taking a picture. When you have a professional camera, you can add extra features to your images.

The Battery Life

Depending on the dimension of the property, you might need an hour or even more. For that, you need a drone camera with a powerful and long-lasting battery.

Mode Of The Camera

Some drone cameras are designed with unique features that can be used to improve

the quality of your property shots. Some cameras come with flight modes, which

capture some photos automatically.

Tips To Take Some Great Real Estate Drone Photography

Follow the below tips to get awesome shots of your property with the help of a drone.

Choose Nice Weather

Any picture looks excellent when taken in pleasant weather; the natural light throws a different impact on the shot. So, when you do real estate photography, try to click when the weather supports you the most.

Capture The Surroundings

In real estate photography, it is essential only to click the property and capture its surroundings to beautify the house. Try to take the surrounding parks, greenery, or even other neighborhoods so that your client can get the confidence to buy it.

Focus On The Strength Of The Property

Any buyer would get interested in your property only when you highlight the core strengthening areas of it. Try to keep the focus on areas that might impress the client in a single view. The strength could be anything such as the swimming pool, garden, or any small thing.

Capture The Basics

When a client thinks of buying a property, he/she will think of getting a house with all the amenities. Capture all the minute or necessary details of the property so that the client can bring satisfaction and would show interest in it.

Conclusions On Drone Photography

Real estate is a field that requires introducing new ideas and innovations to get clients attracted to them. Capturing property shots using the drone is the current trend to get more sales and attract more people. However, to get a quality image, you need to ensure that you buy the right quality lens and use all the drone’s detailed features.

Above all else, make sure your home is ready for photographs when picture day arrives. Be sure the exterior of your property looks exceptional!

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