Reno Air Races End With Plane Crash

Two planes crashed at Reno Air Races in Nevada making them the third fatal crash. There was another crash on Thursday. One pilot was killed and another injured.

According to Reno Air Race officials confirmed the death of one Formula 1 pilot, Gary Hubler of Caldwell, Idaho in this morning’s mishap. Another pilot, Jason Somes of Simi Valley, California, was injured and his condition has not been released.

Message from Reno Air Racing Association On The Crash

The Reno Air Racing Association Board of Directors and staff expresses its heartfelt condolences to the friends and families of the members of our pilot community who have lost their lives this week.

It is difficult for all of us to cope with the loss of Biplane Class racer Steve Dari, Jet Class racer Brad Morehouse, and Formula One racer Gary Hubler. We will miss them.

We hope that their fellow race pilots, fans, and all of the attendees who come to the National Championship Air Races for the remainder of this week, will find some small solace in sharing the joy of flight and the blessings of our aviation heritage while remembering the contributions Steve, Brad and Gary made through their participation in this event.

There will be no further racing on Friday 14 Sept., although our airshow will go on. We expect to resume racing on Saturday and Sunday. The published race and air show schedules will certainly be changed to compensate for today’s suspension of racing – please do not plan your visit around any specific air show or race event.

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