Terrifying Chimp Attack 911 Tape Released By Police

Stamford, CT police have released the 911 call made Monday when a large pet chimpanzee, Travis the chimp, went on a rampage.

On the tape, you can hear the chimp’s owner, Sandra Herold, plead for help as her pet attacks her friend. You can also hear the chimp in the background. Here is the original story.

The attack, in which Charla Nash, 55, suffered serious facial injuries and blood loss, occurred on Monday.

The owner of the chimp was Sandra Herold, 70. Travis the chimp was more than a pet; he had been used in commercials and appeared on TV, yet he attacked without warning.

Here is a transcript of the tape and it is also attached as a YouTube video.

Caller: Send the police!

Operator: What’s the problem there?

Caller: The chimp killed my friend.

Operator: What’s the problem with your friend; I need to know.

Caller: Send the police, with a gun, with a gun. He ripped her face off.

Operator: He ripped her face off?

Caller: He tried to attack me. Please, please hurry.

Operator: OK, I need you to calm down a little bit. They’re on the way.

Caller: Please hurry up, he’s killing my girlfriend …

Operator: [Address], they’re saying someone has a gun and is trying to kill somebody …

Caller: Hurry up!

Operator: They are are on their way.

Caller: Hurry up!

Operator: They are on their way but I need you to give me some more information…who is doing this?

Caller: With guns …

Operator: Who has the gun?

Caller: No, bring the guns. You’ve have got to kill my chimp.

Operator: What is the problem there?

Caller: Hurry up …

Operator: I need you to talk to me..I need you to calm down…why do you need somebody there?

Caller: What … please, God …

Operator: What is the problem?

Caller: He is killing my friend.

Operator: Who’s killing your friend?

Caller: My chimpanzee! She’s dead, she’s dead.

Operator: Why are you saying she’s dead?

Caller: She’s dead, he ripped her apart.

Operator: He ripped what apart, her face?

Caller: Everything.

Listen to the audio. It’s a terrifying 911 call, and as I said, you can hear sounds of the chimp attack in the background.

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