The ACC presents “ACC Select”

Going through the main page of the Atlantic Coast Conference web page an article caught my eye that, while not about any sport in particular, is actually very interesting, as well as being related to all ACC sports in general.

Raycom Sports, CBS College Sports Network, and the ACC announced an agreement that makes CBS College Sports Network the exclusive broadband streaming partner for the conference.

College Sports Network and the ACC will be showing league games through ACC Select.

What is ACC Select? It is the conference broadband player that gives all its users the possibility of watching both live and on-demand videos of conference games. The article says that during the upcoming season ACC Select will be showing over 600 games, from a variety of sports.

That is not bad at all, especially for someone like myself that loves to watch plenty of different sports, from the major ones (football and men’s basketball) to baseball, soccer, lacrosse and softball.

“Featuring live contests involving ACC teams on the web has been a great platform for our student-athletes, coaches, and fans,” said ACC Commissioner John D. Swofford. “We are excited to work with CBS College Sports Network in order to continue the opportunity to expose a national audience to the various sports within our conference.”

I think ACC Select is great for anyone that is a big time fan of the conference, or for the oens that wish to come closer to this conference. The more material is out there to be viewed, the more people will fall in love with this conference that has a lot more to offer than just the two major sports.

But, let’s not forget that while ACC Select is going to be a great jump in quality, has other tools to use, such as gametracker, that allows you to follow the game by a live simulated action.

I have to say that for anyone that likes the ACC conference, whether they live in the heart of it, or around the globe from it, there shouldn’t be any excuse for not being able to fully follow it. This step taken by the conference is just one more step to bring more and more to the fan bases of this conference and I, for one, applaud it.

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