Frederic Franklin, Anna Kisselgoff Honored By Dance/USA

At the culmination of its 25 th Anniversary, Dance/USA announces the selection of dancer and ballet master Frederic Franklin to receive the Dance/USA Honor and dance writer and scholar Anna Kisselgoff to receive the Ernie, named for the late Ian “Ernie” Horvath. The awards will be presented at the Dance/USA Honors Celebration Dinner, Wednesday, June 11, 2008 in Denver, Colorado.

The Celebration Dinner kicks off the Dance/USA Roundtable and National Performing Arts Convention.

Awarded by the Dance/USA Board of Trustees, following a nomination process open to the membership, the Dance/USA Honor and the Ernie are given to outstanding members of the national dance community whose admirable work will forever hold a place in our dance heritage.

Mr. Franklin will be recognized for his notable career as a dance artist and ballet master and for his many contributions to the growth of ballet as an art form in the United States. Ms. Kisselgoff will receive the Ernie for her work as a dance scholar and writer whose words have inspired many artists and patrons to think beyond the stage.

“It is important for us to pause and give our talented colleagues their due,” said Cookie Ruiz, executive director of Ballet Austin and chair of the Dance/USA Board of Trustees. “Freddie has been such an inspiration to countless patrons, dancers and students; the world of ballet would not be the same without his exceptional talent.

Through her insight and perspective, Anna has given our field food for thought for over 30 years. Her ability to question and praise, commemorate and observe are invaluable in a time when examination seems to be an afterthought.”

Dance luminary Donald Saddler will present the Dance/USA Honor to Mr. Franklin and choreographer Lar Lubovitch will present the Ernie to Ms. Kisselgoff. The Honors Celebration Dinner will gather the national dance community at the Adam’s Mark Hotel in Denver at 7:30pm on June 11 th.

Tickets to the event are included with registration to the Dance/USA Roundtable or may be purchased separately for $75. In addition to the presentation to Mr. Franklin and Ms. Kisselgoff, Dance/USA will conclude its 25 th Anniversary Celebration by recognizing the individuals who, in 1981, saw the need for the professional dance community to unite in one voice and thus created a national service organization for professional dance, eventually becoming known as Dance/USA.

“What a wonderful way to conclude our 25 th Anniversary year,” said Andrea Snyder, executive director of Dance/USA. “Freddie and Anna embody the talent, drive and intelligence that Dance/USA and the field of professional dance values. It is our privilege to recognize them for their hard work and contributions to our community.”

The Dance/USA Honor is presented to an individual in the eye of the dance-going public who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership in the dance field by reason of artistic excellence and/or force of vision.

Mr. Franklin will join an illustrious group of past Dance/USA Honor recipients, including his long time dance partner, Alexandra Danilova who was recognized with the Dance/USA Honor in 1994.

Other recipients include Antony Tudor, Martha Graham, Robert Joffrey, Merce Cunningham, Agnes de Mille, Paul Taylor, Alvin Ailey, Katherine Dunham, Bella Lewitzky, Charles Reinhart, William Christensen, Donald McKayle, Bruce Marks, Judith Jamison, David White, Jeraldyne Blunden, Dr. Charles “Chuck” Davis, Arthur Mitchell and Anna Halprin.

The Ernie is given to an individual working within the infrastructure of the dance field whose achievements have significantly empowered artists and supported their creativity, individually or as a community.

Ms. Kisselgoff joins Ernie recipients Ian Horvath, Richard E. LeBlond, Jr., Martha Hill Davies, Bessie Schonberg, Barbara Horgan, Ivan Sygoda, Deborah Jowitt, Norton Owen, John Killacky, Cora Cahan, Sage Cowles and Madeleine Nichols. —

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