Coupon Codes Produce Steep Discount On Samsung SSDs; Speed Up Your PC

It’s not a site that we’ve heard a lot from, but the products specially-priced today come from an OEM you probably have heard of: Samsung.

Note that the site serves both Canada and the U.S. You will be required to select which site to go to when you first visit it; the site will store a cookie to remember that choice. has two different 250GB Samsung solid state drives at low, low prices. In both cases, customers need to add the coupon code NEWCUSTOMER10INSTANT092013 when checking out.

Or, if a customer prefers, they can add the coupon code NEWCUSTOMER20GC092013. Rather than a price reduction, that will give a customer a $20 NCIX gift card. We’d look around the site a bit before making a decision; if you feel you’ll come back, that second coupon code is obviously the better one.

In deal one, has the 250GB Samsung 840 Series 2.5″ SATA III MDX Internal Solid State Drive SSD (MZ-7TD250BW) for $162.99. If you get the $10 discount with the coupon code NEWCUSTOMER10INSTANT092013 (New customers only), your price becomes $152.99.

If instead you opt for the gift card, the effective price using code NEWCUSTOMER20GC092013 is $142.99 (note that coupons do not stack). There is also a free ground shipping promotion.

Meanwhile, the site also has a 250GB Samsung 840 Evo Series 2.5″ SATA III Internal Solid State Drive SSD (MZ-7TE250BW) for $176.99 – $10 with coupon code NEWCUSTOMER10INSTANT092013 for a discounted price of $166.99.

Once again, you may use the coupon code NEWCUSTOMER20GC092013 for a $20 NCIX Gift Card, making the effective price $156.99 (again, note that coupons do not stack). There is also a free ground shipping promotion.

When assessing the two SSDs, the Evo is much faster on writes than the non-Evo SSD.

To be clear, the coupon code field is in the shopping cart, at the upper right. The NCIX gift card will not appear on your invoice until it has been reviewed by the NCIX Customer Care team. After a review, the gift card will be added to your order when shipped, or shortly afterward in a separate shipment.

Comparing with,’s regular price for the Evo series is $182.99. For the non-Evo SSD, it is $174.20. So you can already see that even sans the coupon code, the price is better.

Depending on where you live, you may pay sales tax. California residents, for example, pay sales tax at However, also charges sales tax in some states — including California — so that may not affect your decision to buy or not.

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