NYC Housing Authority Unveils New Rent Payment Options

New York Housing Authority has unveiled new ways of making your rent payment allowing renters to pay by phone and by electronic means for their rent in NYC.

Whether you pay your rent by phone, by mail, by ePayment on NYCHA’s website, or in person at a payment center, rent is due on the first day of each month. Paying your rent, and paying it on time, is the most important thing you can do each month to support the essential services and amenities in your development.

Residents who do not pay their rent on time are subject to legal fees and possible eviction. If you have an unexpected change in your income, please see your development manager. We can help you get financial counseling or adjust your rent, if warranted.

You can pay your rent by one of the following options:

Pay Your Rent By Mail

Mailing your payment is a safe and convenient way to make a NYCHA rent payment. Each month, when you receive your monthly billing statement, just tear off the remittance slip and place it in the enclosed envelope with your check or money order made out to, “New York City Housing Authority.”

The remittance slip is pre-addressed with the payment address. Please mail your rent early to allow two or three days for delivery. Please write your NYCHA account number on the front of your check or money order, and remember to place a stamp on the envelope. Please do not mail cash to NYCHA.

Mailing address:

New York City Housing Authority
Lock Box Unit
P.O. Box 2419
Omaha, NE 68103-2419

Pay Your Rent Via Automatic Payroll Rent Deductions

If you are a NYCHA resident and a City of New York employee you may be eligible to participate in NYCHA’s Automatic Payroll Rent Deduction Program. You can have your rent automatically deducted from your paycheck. Please download the Automatic Payroll Rent Deduction Application here and submit the completed application to your Management Office.

Pay Your Rent By Phone

You can pay your rent by calling NYCHA’s Phone Payment System at
1-866-942–3104 for a fee of $1.00. Paying by phone is safe and convenient, and payments made before 6:00 PM will be credited for the same day.
Learn more about this payment option.

Pay Your Rent Online

You can pay your rent and other charges that are due to the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) electronically via the ePayment system on NYCHA’s website for a fee of $1.00. The ePayment system is quick, convenient and secure and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pay Your Rent At An Authorized Bank

New York City Housing Authority residents may now make monthly rent payments at one of the bank branches listed below for a fee (click on an underlined bank to view a bank flyer with more info.):


  • Carver
  • Capital One Bank
  • Wachovia
  • Amalgamated Bank

Pay Your Rent In Cash At An Authorized Payment Center

To pay your rent in cash, visit an authorized payment center to make your payment in person and receive a receipt immediately. The payment center will charge a fee of $2.00 for processing your payment. Your Housing Assistant can provide a complete list of payment centers.

Payments Sent Directly To NYCHA By The Human Resources Administration

Review the monthly billing statement to be sure that last month’s payment was received and that no other charges are due. If additional monies are due, please mail your payment with the remittance slip in the enclosed envelope to the address printed on the slip.

Payments On Behalf Of A Senior And Disabled Residents

NYCHA can send monthly billing statements directly to an authorized caretaker. Please contact your development Management Office for more information.

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